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Are you angry at yourself, again, for eating the whole pack of cookies? It felt good at the time, didn’t it?! Now, the little voice in your head won’t shut up – Why can’t you stop giving in, say no to yourself, or succeed at eating right? Listen – beating yourself up won’t fix anything.

Who’s Going To Stop You?

The answer is that you need help. Let someone else establish a standard and push you to meet those expectations. This is the right time to use an accountability coach, when it feels impossible to reach goals on your own.

An accountability coach won’t let you hide from tough truths and will make it unacceptable to dodge responsibilities and fall short of expectations. It won’t be so easy to skip or feel okay about indulging when someone else is there, monitoring your progress.

Let your friends be your cheerleaders and let your coach get you to finish what you started.

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The Science Behind Giving In

Psychologically, we experience impulses, strong desires to act on our feelings. In our mind, we want to follow those impulses, but our brains are designed to stop impulsiveness by thinking rationally. There is a balance that we achieve when we can choose to act on impulse or ignore it. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, it’s very hard to think rationally. We are highly susceptible to suggestion.

And advertisers know this! Advertisers spend millions to appeal to us, using a wealth of research to pinpoint and target our desires. Visual ads are the worst because once we see something delicious, then physiologically, our body is triggered, our mouths water, our stomachs growl, or we feel an urgent desire to taste it. Something primal takes over—we suddenly want that food at all costs!

It’s our basic instinct at work and driving us to get that food, and therefore, it is not easy to ignore or overcome with rational thought.

Why It’s So Easy To Give In

In the workplace, on television, and even on social media, we get bombarded with messages about food and temptations. There are videos that show oozy, melted cheese stacked high onto a burger—how do you avoid wanting that?! It’s like the process of erosion—too many temptations chisel away at our will power. It takes great strength to resist temptation.

Pop Quiz: Can You Resist These Donuts On Your Own?


It’s also human nature to enjoy treats or a good lounge session. We want to relax and enjoy ourselves, and that’s okay when we balance those activities with a healthy diet and adequate exercise. More often than not, though, that balance is out of whack and there’s way too much relaxing and enjoyment! It takes effort to follow a healthy lifestyle, and we have to find ways to make it happen.

So we have to choose to do the right thing, and that’s hard! Who wants to eat carrots when there’s a double-fudge six-layer chocolate cake right there?! We only have so much tolerance to temptation, and if we are repeatedly tempted, then it’s just a matter of time until we cave.

A coach can strengthen resistance through tips and tricks of the trade, improving determination. Those cravings work fast to override your will power, but a coach’s strategies push back against those cravings. It’s impossible to avoid temptation, so the best thing to do is develop a better ability to resist.

Coaches Know What Helps

Coaches have unique skills that motivate people and change behaviors. There are proven methods that can help, and a coach applies these techniques—giving up is not an option! These methods are no secret, but people don’t have the time or opportunity to find them. So coaches bring knowledge and expertise to those in need, and anyone struggling to achieve their goals can benefit from their resources.

Here’s the truth: When left to our own devices, we allow ourselves to ignore the right path–that’s why we indulge in the first place. Then it’s a downward, slippery slope because it gets easier to ignore signals that tell us to stop. Before we know it, that whole pack of cookies are gone, and the shame kicks in hard. It’s a lonely and dark place to be, and it’s a cycle that happens over and over.

Now, imagine that scenario with an accountability coach, and everything changes. The impulse strikes to eat some cookies, but a phone call to a coach can intervene and provide the right words to hold someone accountable before the pack of cookies get opened. Suddenly, there’s a more compelling reason to stop the binge because the coach won’t allow it. There’s safety in numbers, right? When we have another person invested in our choices, its not so easy to ignore them!

Before even reaching for a treat, the little voice inside our heads has to stop and ask, “What would Coach think of this?” That’s accountability.

More Than Motivation

Human beings are social creatures; people improve our lives. From others, we gain knowledge or inspiration, and we just do better when there are people in our lives. Think about the last time you needed help. Who did you go to?

We seek out other people for counsel all the time. When we’re sick, we go to the doctor; when we’re lonely, we call a friend; and when we’re stuck on the side of the road in a broken car, we call for a tow. But who do you call when you need help sticking to your goals, staying motivated, or getting back on track?

People try to count on friends, family and co-workers to hold them accountable. However, these people in our lives are often unwilling to speak the truth and give you the tough-love words you need to hear. They won’t tell you to stop the self sabotage until you’ve ate yourself into another 20 pounds and by then your excuses are knee deep and a mile wide. A coach’s primary purpose is to hold you accountable and keep you on track. It’s not about soothing your guilt when you stray; it’s about empowering you to avoid straying and do better. Let your friends be your cheerleaders and let your coach get you to finish what you started.

Concrete Actions For Best Results

It’s not just a verbal prod that coaches provide to help you stick to your goals. An accountability coach offers tools to get results. There are actionable steps to take that outline and measure progress on the road to change. Whether it’s a commitment to an accountability plan or establishing some will power exercises to resist binges, coaches offer concrete actions to perform in pursuit of goals.

Don’t Fall To Pieces When You Give In To Temptation – Just Get Help!


These few things I’ve mentioned may seem small. Small goals make them doable. And if you do them repeatedly, you form habits. When you form tiny habits, it’s far easier to change them into big habits (like going to the gym 3 times a week, or losing that weight to fit into a size 6.) If you don’t change them into big habits, it’s okay. You’re doing what works for you while maximizing the minimum. You also want to see the most benefit from small changes, which is why you’re reading this blog. Working with an accountability coach is a surefire way to reach your goals because your best friend will encourage less than healthy decisions. This simple, minimal step could be the difference between falling flat on your face and a major success story.

No More Binge Sessions

So now you’re ready; it’s time to let go of the shame from the failures and get ready for real change. You’ll see great results and begin feeling better as soon as we start to develop your accountability plan and set your goals. With support from a coach, you will finally find the accountability you want to meet your goals and feel better than you have in a long time. Click here and contact me today!


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If you really want to kick off your journey, start with a 14 day detox! You’ll see great results and begin feeling better as toxins are released. With the added energy, you’ll be ready to work out, and work harder to meet your goals. I know when I see and feel results; it motivates me to keep making healthy choices!


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